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What can we mean for your event?
What can we bring to it?

  • Putting together a varied programme, with a particular theme if so desired
  • The finding of, or creation of the ideal location
  • Entertainment, artists, music bands
  • The arrangement and coordination of the speeches
  • Complete catering, buffets, snacks, drinks, cleaning
  • Flowers and other decorations
  • Audio and / or visual equipment and assistance, photo / video shoot
  • Cooks, bartenders, party managers, service and logistics staff
  • Tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware, lighting, wardrobe, toilets etc.
  • Hostesses and security
  • Licences
  • Printed matter, such as flyers, posters and other promotional communications

Bricks Events provides creative concepts that reflect the identity of your organisation. Your requirements, budget and objectives are our starting point. A first-class event, large or small, comes from creativity, originality, professional skill and good teamwork. We work from a script and make a contract in which all agreements are laid down. According to plan, we periodically confer with you to report on progress. Transparent, dynamic and professional. We ensure a successful event at which you yourself can have carefree enjoyment!